The Introduction 

Hello People💖

Okay so starting with my first blog here, I would want to talk about Self Grooming or say Self Makeup. I believe one should always make use of makeup in their Lives. You should always know the basics and use the various Makeup Techniques in your day to day life. Everytime you have to move out and visit some place its always great to wear your makeup. Self Confidence, Yes makeup gives you immense confidence and make you feel really good as it is going to enhance your beauty, your features making you look flawless. I believe Everybody is blessed with a few features which when highlighted using makeup leaves you look gorgeous. Makeup makes you look tidy and beautiful and ofcourse who doesn’t like those compliments that we get when we look pretty! They definitely make us happy isn’t it? Also when you get into a makeup routine you also get into cleaning your skin really well everytime you use makeup and which then makes your skin flawless with those cleaning essentials. Imagine using that one lipstick which always makes you look pretty and gets you compliments everytime you apply it, wont you want to use it more often? well yess! Also using your foundation helps protect your skin from Sun damage as well as pollution. A subtle shade of blush would give you a fresh look. I never thought creating a black line over my eyelashes could make me look 10 times prettier! Yes Eyeliners are my favorite part of the makeup! Makeup helps you get pretty selfies too so why not?!!

Makeup makes you Happy Girls!!


6 thoughts on “The Introduction 

  1. Really well written Aneri..
    I too avoid makeup bt il make sure to apply some just to feel that confidence in me.. Looking forward to ur blogs.. 🙂

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